DIY Programmable Controller

DIY Programmable Controller

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Open Source WiFi PLC



Home automation.  Industrial control.  Robotics.  SCADA.  You name it.  Get Arduino simplicity with US reliability. No shields. No mess.  No sweat.  Open source.

Have Arduino and Lua experience?  Build your next project on a rugged hardware platform:


• USB programming. Full Arduino compatibility
• WiFi with external long range antenna
• Color LCD touch screen and speaker
• Six fused DPST power relay
• Eight 500mA digital open-collector outputs
• Eight protected & isolated digital inputs 3-24V AC/DC
• Eight protected 10-bit ADC inputs
• Clock calendar & battery for scheduling
• RS-232 for long distance wired comm
• Expanded 128Mb & 4GB FLASH
• DIN rail or panel mount

Peek inside the hardware.  Check the quickstart.  Read the specs.
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Program it to do exactly what you need.Simple Arduino compatible USB programming