Ethernet Power Controller 6
Ethernet Power Controller 6

Ethernet Power Controller 6

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Instantly reboot, start or stop equipment.  Reboot routers, servers, and network gear securely.  Customize your power controller to suit your needs.


Powerful AutoPing Reboot

Eliminate 3:00 AM service calls! The controller automatically "pings" your router or servers.  Use AutoPing  to automatically reboot when a fault is detected. 

Remote Power Monitoring, Metering and Alarms

Check up on power quality.   Monitor voltage, current, and energy usage remotely using four built-in web meters.  Eliminate brown-outs, black-outs, blown breakers and power problems. Bill co-location customers for power. 

New Features

At DLI, we listen to customers.  Recently we've added a WiFi, quadrupled the size of the LCD, added instant E-Stop shutdown, cut power consumption in half, added rechargeable battery backup, an internal programming language, HTTPS and SSH  Features like scripting syslog, power billing and notification alerts are included free.  There's a Rest API, MQTT, and Amazon Echo compatibility  There is also a temperature sensor port and DB-9 for future expansion. It's about as sophisticated as a power switch can get, but it's still simple to use.



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Preview the user's guide.  Check the spec sheet.  Read the FAQs or try one live! (user=admin & pass=4321).  Whoops, this one caught on fire.

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200,000 are in use today!  Order online now for a 15 day risk-free trial! 

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