faulty Ethernet chip?

Jan 1, 2020 - 1:07 AM

  • I bought my board from an amazon seller and I camt get it to boot, I get the booting screen, the ethernet yellow light makes a click noise and turns on, few seconds later 6 more clicking noises coming from the ethernet chip and the yellow light flashing rapidly with each click and the atomic pi crashes or freezes. I think the ethernet chip is faulty and it fails to start and eventually starts turning on then failing causing electrical noise and causing the system to crash like the ethernet chip is an on board emp. I think if I can remove this chip that the board will boot correctly without crashes. Yes I have it wired correctly I have 5v 11a to the board with 2 power entries.

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  • There's a chance the ethernet port was never activated, and the drivers never finished.
    They could have requested the ethernet port for perhaps debugging purposes; and come to think of it, there's no need for moving robots, to be plugged into a LAN port.

    Realtek doesn't have the specific drivers for these boards.
    They're listed as RTL8111G ethernet cards.
    Linux finds it as an RTL 8111/8168/8411 Ethernet controller,
    And all drivers (Linux or Windows) for the 8111, 8168, and 8411 Ethernet Controllers on the Realtek website all refer back to the generic 8101, 8125, and 8168 'drivers', though none of them work. The 8101 and the 8125 don't even recognize the controller.

    Ubuntu loads a 8168 driver, because it's the only drivers that could match.
    The driver does recognize the Ethernet card, but there's no data shared with the router.

    In short, go to ebay or Amazon, and buy an IPEX port, or U.FL port antenna.
    A small (10cm) wire is enough for +2dB signal (up from like -25dB or so signal, without the antenna), and a 15cm should get you like +6dB or +8dB (further range), but will be larger than the board (will be sticking out of the board)
    10cm like these are the perfect size imho:

    You'll have to look around for 1 or 2 of these, as I purchased a lot of them for my multi-unit server.

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  • sudo apt-get install r8168-dkms