Installed Ubuntu Studio 19.10

Mar 8, 2020 - 9:34 PM

  • I installed Ubuntu Studio 19.10. Everything works right out of the box, HDMI video & audio, WiFi & Bluetooth . Have a USB hub for wireless mouse and keyboard and also a USB hard drive for file storage. Studio is not a lightweight distro but works nice and smooth on the atomic pi!

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  • 20.04 too. Ethernet not working though. On none of the releases, I bet including Windows, as I haven't yet found a working driver for the RT8111G.
    I bet the board came with an ethernet port, but the development of the drivers probably was stopped to save on cost. A robot with wifi doesn't need to be tethered to LAN.. Just guessing here.

  • Hello ProDigit
    I read elsewhere that you also installed Ubuntu 20.04?
    Did you need to put a 32bit EFI bootloader program on the EFI partition?
    How did you do that?
    Did you manage to include the specific APi Drivers as well?

  • As on September 4th, the focal image that I downloaded from the site
    (see Michael announcement):
    works very well on my APi, and it includes the already known and required specific drivers