Raspbian on eMMC

Jul 22, 2020 - 8:46 AM

  • Just thought I’d share how I installed Raspbian on the onboard eMMC. I got the x86 Raspbian image from It’sFoss https://itsfoss.com/raspberry-pi-os-desktop/, and I used the Balena Etcher app to flash the USB drive. It was pretty simple, and it works a treat now. Interestingly, although ItsFoss says the image is 32 bit, it installed with 64 bit architecture on my Atomic Pi. The cursor still has that annoying stick at the left side of the screen for some reason, but I much prefer Raspbian over the stock Lubuntu. A lot less buggy.
    ETA Prime has a great OS install tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zM7HwdaUv0o

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  • Raspbian is for ARM. It would more than likely download x86 modules.
    Compatibility with Lubuntu 19.04, 19.10, and 20.04 is very good!

  • Yeah, but the RPi foundation did actually compile a version for x86 arch processors. Plus I get free digital copies of all the RPi magazines, so that's already money savings.