Don't hit that reset button!!

Jul 30, 2020 - 6:24 PM

  • I was moving my Atomic Pi around the other day, and I accidentally hit the BIOS/RTC reset button! Somehow, this made the eMMC flash storage unbootable; it simply didn't show up in the BIOS boot options. Further investigation showed that the boot flag was somehow deactivated! I made a recovery OS USB drive, and thankfully it's working again. But don't hit that button! I actually installed the OS to the eMMC and the MicroSD card, just in case.

  • All you need to do, is reboot the Pi, without the SDcard, then insert the card again, and reboot.
    Same goes for USB ISO drives.
    It usually straightens out with another reboot.
    Too bad that the reset button is right next to the power barrel. I regularly push it.

  • Yeah I hear you, but it didn't even have a bootable OS on the Micro SD card. And as far as I know, there's no way to disconnect the eMMC. Thanks for the input though. I tried like 5 reboots BTW, no good. running a backup USB OS showed that there was no boot flag on the eMMC anymore.