Really Good Support and Good JOB from Digital Loggers

The focal system image file (atomicpi-ubuntu-focal...img) that was made available on the DLI site early July 2020

works very well on my AtomicPi. SUCCESS!

As far as I can see, this lubuntu version does not slow down the machine and does not short the ressources (disk , memory and cpu as well).
It Sounds perfectly, wifi perfectly too, and bluetooth from the first minute!!!

Beware that lubuntu 20.04 by default requires for many operations the administrator (root) password.
You may do ASAP:
$sudo passwd root
and enter twice and administrator pasword, this is it.

Greetings to Michael and Sergei, and all others at DLI,
as this move will insure a longer life to what we like to do with our APi.
just a sort of Yes, now, APi will make you happy ;-)