Newbie questions

Oct 14, 2020 - 2:24 PM

  • Hi guys, just got my atomic yesterday (with some damage, CN5 was pretty smashed) so i powered it up today after repairing the damage.
    I have few questions:

    • autocomplete messed me up, how can i change my name?
    • Is there a gerber file (or at least assembly drawing) for atomic pi board? i only see it for breakout board
    • did anyone have any luck with sourcing RF shields for wifi and bluetooth?
  • You don't need shields, wifi and bluetooth are built in

  • I don't think that's what he means. I suspect he's having interference issues, so he wants to install RF shields for the board. Dejan, I can't think of any purpose built RF shields that'll fit, there's really not a lot of parts and accessories made for this thing. We have a considerable amount of Wifi and Bluetooth traffic around my house, and my Atomic Pi has never had issues, even though it's in the living room with about 7 other internet devices/computers.

    As far as assembly drawing, do you mean a schematic? Or do you mean a general diagram of what things on the board do? I do have a nice diagram that even maps the GPIO pins(which I haven't managed to figure out), along with everything else mapped.

    Also, when you mention changing your name, do you mean your username?

  • Correct, I was thinking for interference and also to protect BT chip which has exposed die.
    Yup, i meant changing username.
    I meant assembly drawing as in PDF which shows physical location (on board) of components in schematic

  • To change your username, go to the bottom of the page and click Manage Preferences. There, you can change your displayed nickname.

    On the RF shields, again, I don't think there's any options sadly. I use the ethernet instead anyways.

    Someone on the forum has posted the pinouts and connector locations of the board, and I have verified it myself, it's very accurate, and very nicely done:

    Hope this helps!

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  • oh. neat drawing thanks

  • By the way Dejan- are you looking for RF shields because it's having interference issues, or are you just taking precautions?

  • JT Alexander:
    By the way Dejan- are you looking for RF shields because it's having interference issues, or are you just taking precautions?

    As a precaution and protection, since BT chip has die exposed which makes it fragile (especially until i design and print the case)

  • Ahhh ok so you're more worried about physical damage, got it. Yeah for that you're just gonna have to design a case yourself, I just leave my APi exposed on the back of my desk in a little Lego pedestal/exoskeleton with an undervolted PC fan on top 24/7. Obviously your placement will be different, but the only real way to physically protect the board is to make a case.

  • Powered up my Pi for the first time yesterday. Could not get my wireless keyboard and mouse to work, and had to switch to wired (USB). Is there a UEFI BIOS setting to fix this?
    Also changed the Lubuntu login password - to personal preference, no problem. And set a root password, again no problem.
    Another thing: I tried booting (Knoppix) on SD card without success, and will have to find out why.

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  • Easy enough to log in to this forum, but how to log out?

  • (moved to : How do I load Ubuntu 20.04 OS to eMMC?)

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