Pi Breakout Board Power problem?

Nov 24, 2020 - 12:48 PM

  • I've been having issues ever since attaching the Atomic Pi Breakout board.

    My Pi will periodically power cycle, so often I was able to see the 5V line drop to 0 on a meter.
    A clean 5V 1A PS is attached to the FDD Power connector.

    Iv'e tried 2 different PIs (which worked with the small breakout board)
    I've disconnected everything from the breakout board except power (UART, speakers, USB, etc) with the same results.

    While I haven't checked current draw, I cannot believe it's over 1A. Nothing is smoking, no obvious shorts I can see on the Breakout Board.

    Any ideas?

  • You certain your power supply's not a dud? If not I'd say just about the only solution is a fresh breakout board, that one might just be a dud, it happens.

  • Tried another (PC) power supply ... same issue. May have to order another breakout board to test.
    Seems very unlikely its the breakout board ... one would generally think a failure would be a hard stop... not intermittent...

  • OhOH wait I misread, you're running a 1A power supply?? These APis draw 15 watts more or less continuously, you're only giving it 5 watts. There's more circuitry in the breakout board, so that may have pushed it over the edge. Try a bigger power supply, I run a 3.5A 5V from CanaKit that I modified the connectors on. Also, make sure you have all four power wires plugged in, sometimes they'll have problems with only two power input wires, I run mine with 4.

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  • Ill try that, I got a hefty 5V 10A supply that might fix the problem

    10A power supply seems to be working fine.

    FYI, I used a Raspberry Pi SATA HAT to get 3 USB ports and SATA HDD interface ... all is running well with 256G SDD, USB Keyboard and mouse, as well as a couple thumb drives. Got the Arduino Nano soldered in and am going to work on some Temp/Humidity sensor IO now.

    My lil Atomic Pi is pretty beefy now.


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  • Oohhhhh yeah wow that's a LOT of equipment, I'm not surprised that overwhelmed the 1A power supply! With that I wouldn't be surprised if you're passing 30 watts. Between the SATA, SSD, Arduino, and thumb drives, that's a lot of devices! I run mine with a KVM switch to switch my peripherals to and from my PC and APi, and the only devices I put on the APi continuously is a thumb drive for server software and the MicroSD the OS is on. so mine is a lightweight server machine.