I'm looking through the schematic linked from https://www.digital-loggers.com/api_faqs.html as Can you release the processor board schematics?, and it seems to be missing a bunch of pages with critical information on them.

Basically, all pages that actually feature the SoC and RAM are not present. I'm trying to figure out what IO controls power to the Bluetooth and Wireless subsystems, and the information is on the removed pages.

Basically, right now the Bluetooth power is gated by the BT_EN_3V3 net, Wifi by the WIFI_EN_3V3 net, and where these nets go isn't in the available schematic pages.

If the removed pages are because of NDA requirements or similar, I'd understand that, but it'd be nice to at least make the fact that you cannot release the (complete) schematics noted clearly somewhere.