Breakout board with micro USB provided power

Feb 11, 2019 - 3:05 PM

  • Sorry for the newbie-sounding question, but does anyone know of a breakout board that would allow me to use one of the many USB power adapters I already have with one of the many micro USB cables I have laying around? I did try to find something on microcenter's website but wasn't lucky enough to find anything. I suddenly wish I'd ordered the Whole Enchilada instead of just the APi board. :/

  • The whole enchilada wouldn't help you there. It takes power through a screw terminal or a molex connector.

    The baby breakout board from digital loggers has a 2.6mm barrel connector which might be easier to use.

    USB is not the best way to power the board when you need between 3 and 5 amps.

    I hope that this helps.

  • It does--thanks, Adam! Though the description for the Whole Enchilda does say something along the lines of just add 5 volts and go!

    That aside, how can I order that Baby Breakout Board? Any chance you have a link? I looked that the digital-loggers website but couldn't find where to buy any accessories. Sorry, I feel like such a newb.

  • As far as I know you need to call Digital Loggers to order the Baby Breakout Board. I don't think there is an online ordering option for it at this time. 408-330-5599.

  • No need to feel like a newb, better to ask questions when you are unsure.

  • Thanks for the replies! I was able to get a breakout board and power supply from Digital Loggers directly. They rock!!