purchase more?

Feb 12, 2019 - 8:08 PM

  • I would like to get at least 1 more (pref 2 more) and a set of the breakout boards (one for unit I have plus ones for other 2 if I get them).. Is there any way to buy these?

  • You will probably need to reach out to them directly. I would check on: https://dlidirect.com/products/atomic-pi to see if they list more availability.

    Also the kickstarter mentions a second production:

  • I see boards appear to be available at:


    But the shipping rates are outrageous. $24.50 to ship Fed Ex 4 Day? I wonder why shipping is so expensive? That is really the only thing preventing me from ordering a second board.

  • Probably worth calling them, looks like the shipping assumptions are messed up. I show 30.59 to get one from norcal to FL, slowest way.

  • Martin is aware of this, and looking into the issue. He also mentioned they'll be on Amazon in a couple weeks, so opportunities for free shipping there.

  • Thanks, Don. Yes, the Fed-Ex shipping calculator was all messed up. Working on it. UPS is up for now, and we're happy to help if you call 408 330-5599. We'll post both the Atomic Pi and the new developers kit with cameras, etc Most of this is already en-route to Amazon, but takes a while to set up the SKUs and stock the warehouses. Within 2 weeks, you should be able to use prime for free shipping on all this stuff.
    Thanks again for the support!
    -Martin & Team