can I use elenco 22 gauge wire for power in place of 26 gauge????

Apr 29, 2019 - 10:49 PM

  • just got my atomic pi.
    as I read it I need TWO wires for each polarity so two wires for positive
    two wires for negative WHY?
    Also I can I use elenco 22 gauge instead of the 26 gauge?

  • Due to the power needs, 2 wires minimum for each + and - ensures that enough current is available to run the Atomic Pi. And 22 gauge is fine, larger wire is never an issue

  • So this unit is DEAD !!!! I hooked it up to my lab power supply and applied 5V at 2.2amps on pins 3,5 and 6,8. NOTHING! I hit the reset button. Checked the hdmi cable, monitor the usual and this is dead for sure. SO what happens now? Can I get my money back and how does that work?

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  • One last entry on this topic to serve as a warning to others. My unit was dead on arrival. I made sure that:
    1 I used a clean professional lab power supply to provide the stated power
    2 I used new elenco 22 awg cables as per spec ( two for each polarity)
    3 I checked the polarity, voltage, amps etc thoroughly before applying power based on the warning in the manual AND made sure that ALL connections were as per the manual
    4 I checked ALL the cables ( hdmi) usb kb, monitors etc with a raspberry pi before AND after testing the unit.

    When the unit did not boot on application of power I asked a friend in a lab just down the corridor to check it on his rig and he had the same results. So we threw the unit away as it isn't worth the return costs. I am writing this to highlight a possible issue with the manufacture of this device. ALSO I wanted to tell the manufacturer of the issue but it seems that I would have to relogin to their system to do so rather than use this session which seems to be the same company. On the whole this seems to be a poorly executed launch given the competition.

  • Are you certain you didn't accidentally reverse polarity or provide too much voltage? They didn't add any type of over voltage protection and if you supplied more than 5.2V which they warned about you can fry it. Also, running it reverse polarity even for a short period can also fry it. You have to be super careful.

    I would have sent it back, at least they would have sent you a new one should yours have been faulty. Now you surely will get nothing for you efforts, if you threw it away? Seems a silly thing to do. At least could have reused parts from the board or something.

    Anyhow, sorry to hear it didn't work out for you.


  • 2.2A was what you limited the current to ?
    Maybe if you had of read the guide you would have seen 2.4A is the min, most of the PSU suggested are 2.5A min.
    I used all the +5v & GND pins and haven't had a single issue, that's with a 4A switchmode supply, TBH I haven't checked the current draw.

    Tho I'm kind of worried that you asked if you can use a heavier gauge wire.

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