Keyboard-configuration errors upon initial startup

May 23, 2019 - 8:35 PM

  • I just received my Atomic Pi Developers Kit and I connected up the Atomic Pi standalone with the baby powersupply adapter and the supplied 5V 2.5A power supply. The initial boot was uneventful until I went to setup the network and wifi and locale stuff...timezone, etc...
    I was greeted by the request for the root password (that I did not know, nor this forum had as well). I did learn that there wasn't one... I'm a Raspberry Pi guy for past 5 years and was used to sudo Raspi-Config to gather all my local settings. I was able to lookup Ubuntu 18.04 commands, to change the timezone, to create a Root password, but I kept getting keyboard-configuration errors after sudo apt-get update and upgrade commands. I even tried to just dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration with --force thinking the keyboard.config file was corrupted... but how.
    How can I resolve the initial locale setups ? All hardware, mouse, keyboard, wifi, BT, appear to function correctly except for a message during update about the keyboard

    I could not find a definitive procedure for these initial setups that should be obvious to me but are not. today is May 31st, somehow this afternoon while trying to edit the /etc/default/keyboard file I discovered there was no editor installed ie: I wanted to usenanoand when I typed sudo apt-get install nano" it installed and then the keyboard-configuration utility opened and completed its update/install and now All's well.
    Now to see about using python to control servo's and DC motors so I can make a mobile robot as I planned, as well as a live stream camera.
    Any do this yet?

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  • Hey James, given in to any thoughts of maybe trying another linux version? I fiddled around for a couple of days trying to get Lubuntu working and finally gave up. Now I use Raspbian Stretch from a thumb drive and so far, all is well. I'm even using it right now to cruise the internet and this forum.