New user, some questions.

May 31, 2019 - 6:37 AM

  • Hi guys, a week ago I've received my atomic pi ad love it. My actual distro is your version of lxqt taken on your website, I had set tear free X11 script or video playing have horrible refresh, now is perfect. i have some trouble with networking, it seems that network manager not manage ethernet doesn't matter is not important. My questions is, can I install a vanilla lxqt like lubuntu for having a full desktop at the last version? If yes what are missing compared to your official image? Is possible to add missing things later? Thanks and congratulations for the great job you have done with this board, I think is not simple to make it at this lower cost.

  • Yes you can.....18.04 is the newest Long Term Support (LTS supported til 2023) version.....I'd run with that..Personally I use Lubuntu 18.04
    Missing Stuff is here (more or less)

    Discussion along similar lines

    If you haven't yet installed a new version I'd copy the files from your existing install.

  • Thank you Robert, today i have run lubuntu lxqt from uSD it seems to running very well it manage ethernet correctly etc.. I wish to instal it on emmc. The version i used is 19.04 you think there is some incompatibilities if i copy those files from 18.04?