No Hdmi Audio in Windows or Ubuntu.

Jun 1, 2019 - 11:02 AM

  • I've tried windows 10 (1809) installed on the emmc, no audio output device is installed. In device manager no drivers for audio at all.

    In Ubuntu 18.10 cosmic installed on sd card aplay -l lists multiple outputs. Speaker-test produced no output. Powered with an xu4 5v4a plug into baby breakout board hdmi cable to samsung tv. Bluetooth audio works fine.

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  • The only resolution I have found is lubantu 19.04 then it works from install.

  • Per a reddit post For windows you need to install Intel SST Audio Device (WDM) driver, which for whatever reason Windows cannot find and I cannot find a direct download link from Intel, but can be obtained through a driver manager software.

  • In Ubuntu 18.10, I forget exactly where, it may be Sound the output setting defaults to Analog. There is an option to change output to HDMI and all is well and sound blares. Sorry I forgot where the exact setting was.