What is best configuration for X11 in atomicpi?

Jun 3, 2019 - 9:09 AM

  • Hi, some day ago i have run default image lxqt taken from atomicpi sites, when i played videos i seen tearing problems solved adding option tearfree in xorg.conf.d, now i have lubuntu lxqt 19.04 taken from ubuntu sites, i done same config but it seems to be working ony on some app, i made various changes tryng dri modes 2, 3... in some app tearing problems without changes...
    For a vanilla system what is best configuration to do for having full accelleration in videos and opegl witout tearing?

    Thanks in advice.

  • After some attempt i found the best configuration (for me, lubuntu 19.04 lxqt)
    Section Device
    Identifier Intel Graphics
    Driver Intel
    Option TearFree true
    Option TripleBuffer "true

    Now it seems to be working well.