Developer Kit Camera - Issues

Jun 5, 2019 - 2:06 PM

  • Hey all,

    So i recently purchased the full kit with 2 api, mini breakout, enchilada breakout, 2 cameras(with cables), 3 antennas and switching power supply that fits the dc barrel jack on the mini breakout.

    I got the little bugger fired up today using the mini breakout and the power supply. things went as expected but after playing around with some basics i decided to plug in the camera included with the kit.

    At first i thought maybe it was only compatible with the enchilada board but that should not be the case as it is using the web cam connector on the api. I attempted to run the example found in the desktop samples folder.

    This is were i started to have a few issues. In the past, I have worked with a multitude of cameras, ffmpeg and linux without trouble. My first few attempts using the OS included with the API ended in failure. I am unable to find the darn camera when searching for devices loaded on the API. Im not sure why.. i considered it may not work correctly with the basic OS and i also thought it may be failing to initialize the camera.

    I started digging by looking thru the dmesg for any indication of the camera. It appears as tho it might be loading a video device but i am not sure. I thought it would load as a usb device but i see nothing that would indicate a cam device.

    Now i did find an input device that registers on Video bus but when i attempt to pull from the device location /devices/.../.../.../.../input/input6 i get a not found error...

    So my long and overly explained question is- ?? Has anyone got a camera working on this little puppy yet?

    Full Disclaimer... i tend to overlook things so this could be a simple miss on my part. i figured i would just ask ne ways...


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  • Update!::

    So i managed to get a bit further on this lil stinker. I was able to finally get the camera to connect and appear under the standard /dev/video0 which was a nice change from the first few attempts. I updated the Distro and packages hoping it might fix the issue but it turned out i just had to power cycle the device without the camera plugged in, then power cycle with the camera plugged in and presto it showed up..

    Device type: Condor video device
    File location: /dev/video0

    But with one victory another battle arose. i am now unable to get the camera to actually stream data in a usable format.

    listing usable formats with ffmpeg and v4l2 gives me an unusable format indicator a 1200x700 resolution but nothing usable by any know codec. So i started messing around with trying to get the camera to capture an image every 1 second. this works for about 3 captures and fails miserably. i must then restart the entire unplug power down and restart routine. Then in normal go f yourself fashion my A-Pi will get stuck in PXE boot mode when i leave the LAN cable plugged in..

    So, needless to say i still cannot make my robot. but im getting closer to streaming video from the included developer kit cameras.

    PS - i used a standard logitech usb cam and it was plug and play.. def an issue with the dev kit camera...

  • Hello Mike,

    What does atomicpi-version say?

    As for PXE, you can disable/reorder it in BIOS (newer versions should be doing that on their own, hence the version question). If you do, and it still shows up, you might have a battery issue.