LinuxCNC on Atomic Pi

Jun 6, 2019 - 6:12 AM

  • Anyone tried this out? I flashed a USB drive with LinuxCNC 2.7.14 Debian 7 Wheezy (using Rufus) and I can see the drive in the BIOS boot order screen but no boot from USB. The system simply boots into the default OS.

  • win32diskimager is the best tool for writing a Linuxcnc iso to a USB stick. On the linuxcnc forums people have had all sorts of issues using rufus. The only issue people have had with win32diskimager is when the iso file is corrupt.
    The Wheezy release isn't much use for the Atomic Pi, there is no parallel port to talk to stepper drivers. The rtai kernel isn't what is used to talk to Mesa ethernet hardware, the only real option, unless you can write a spi driver for the 7i90HD board.
    Any on the Stretch iso's will boot with the Atomic Pi, they are able to boot with UEFI.

    The Stretch isos have a RT_PREEMPT kernel that will work with Mesa Ethernet cards.
    In actual fact Lubuntu 18.04 with a RT_PREEMP kernel has better latency results with the atomic pi. (tho you will have to build a kernel and linuxcnc). The is due to the LXDE desktop being lighter on resources. If you vist the linuxcnc forums JT has started a thread talking about this.

    Jt has some great info regarding installing Linuxcnc, I would not reccomend Mint for the Atomic Pi.

    You could follow the Debian 9 instructions and install the LXDE desktop. This has the benefit of being able to use the prebuilt Debian kernel pacakges and Linuxcnc pacakages.

    There has also been a bit of discussion regarding Linuxcnc on this forum: