Linux installs 100% working?

Jun 14, 2019 - 3:41 PM

  • Is there an Linux install that's 100% working at boot? With audio, bluetooth, wifi, etc etc...

  • Yes, Manjaro. Successful with both XFCE and Awesome desktops.

  • Sound over hdmi also?

  • Haven't tried the HDMI audio but everything else runs very well on Raspbian.

  • Yes, the sound over HDMI works in Manjaro but, in my case anyway, the multi channel sound output is not correct. Several channels are switched around. I posted on it awhile back asking for help.

  • Hi evrybady
    i just turning on my device and android have turning on instantanly but i experiment on bug and i dont know if you filling like that.
    when i try adding other language it will bi bloked the windows language and feeling lag.
    some one have issue?
    tanx for help
    have good day

  • I'm struggling to get the images to load, tried the original from digital loggers , manjaro anyone having the same issue?

  • I managed to get prime os installed and running, however no sound over HDMI...anyone ?

  • I have installed Ubuntu 18.10 five times and it has worked perfectly without fiddling. HDMI audio is perfect as is wireless, Haven't played with Bluetooth but indications are normal. I pulled the Internet connection to keep updates and drivers whose effects I do not know from online installation. Have not tried Ubuntu 18.10 updates, stayed with the ISO.

    Obviously Ubuntu has the HDMI drivers needed for the Pi. I am a noobie and like Mint 19 MATE.
    Would it be possible to pull an audio driver/module from Ubuntu 18.10 and install it in Mint 19 MATE since they are closely related?

    What would that involve? I need expert advice since I am out of my comfort zone.

  • Using Devuan on mine as a very nice mythtv frontend. Probably getting another atomic for the livingroom to eliminate yet another power hogging computer.