Connector Locations and Pinouts

Jun 14, 2019 - 9:19 PM

  • I've created a PDF document showing the locations of all the connectors with pinout details for most of them.

    Please let me know if you run across any errors so I can fix them.


  • Great job Duane,
    Very much appreciated, should be great resource for the community.
    Should put to bed the rumour about the 10 pin connectors being camera inputs or extra USB ports.
    I take it you probed the pins for the BIOS ?

    Would be great if you could post this on the Atomic Pi subreddit


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  • I'm not sure where I got the info on the BIOS header. It was in my notes with a lot of other info I've gathered on the board.

    I'll see about posting it on Redit.

  • Many thanks - this is extremely helpful.

  • dear Duane
    wonderful fork i love that it will help for knowlege all conetion ^
    tx again
    have good day ^

    Robert is good too see it in the news doc
    i have looking the news paper and is great id ^
    tanx for helping ^

  • Thanks for the PDF on the board, for the left and right analog speaker out puts, I want to connect RCA jacks, are those connections called JST connectors (2 Pin) ?

  • Hello Marco,
    You are probably aware that the the speakers outputs are Bridge-tied. It means that none of the two connections are grounded, they are just two opposite polarities of the Audio signal.
    So if you want to use a jack for output you'd better use one stereo jack for the right channel
    and one separate stereo jack for the left channel.
    Then, for each of the two channels, the wiring (to provide the signal to the speaker) should respect the differential mode, one polarity connected on what is usually the left pin, the other polarity connected to what is generally the right channel, and then ground is ground or it is left unconnected
    I hope it sounds clear

  • Hello Duane
    Thank you very much for your wonderful document
    Atomic Pi--Connector Locations and Pinouts

  • I know this is an old thread, but I can confirm that the 26 GPIO pins on the bottom of the board are indeed labeled correctly! It corresponds perfectly with this pinout:
    The one marked ?? on that link is indeed a ground pin, I tested it myself.
    I vote that this thread should be pinned! (no pun intended)