Power supply and performance

Jun 15, 2019 - 7:51 AM

  • Hello,

    Is there any relation between power supply features and system performances ?
    I currently use a 5V 2.5A standard (https://miniurl.be/r-2elq) Rpi power supply that allows the system to work. Would it be significatively better with 3A ?

  • A late response but I'd say with usb devices attached certainly. I have a small 64gb solid state hd that I'm sure is acting up due to too little power. I tried to move the os to it with no luck at all. It starts to boot then just hangs. I've written several linux distros to it without luck. I suppose I'm going to need a powered hub more cost to add to this $35 computer ;-)

  • First thing you need to work out is why is it hanging, before blaming it on power. On thing that may cause hanging is if when installing the, in the case of installing with a USB flash drive, is that the flash drive maybe detected as sda and the 64GB as sdb. But when booting the ssd then becomes sda and depending on how the kernel is told which partition is root you may have issues. Passing a UUID as the root partition will be more reliable than passing something such as /dev/sda1 or whatever. The device node can change depending on the order in which devices are detetcted and/or how many are plugged in, a UUID is pretty solid.
    Are you not getting a grub menu ? Or are you getting a grub menu then a hang ? Or it could be a kernel config issue, the USB infrastructure is not available when coming to mount the root partition.
    In the case of writing an image, are you using a x86_64/amd64 image and not an arm image ? This has happened, could be the Pi moniker that leads some to try and use a raspberry pi image.

    As for the PSU, first you'll want to work the current draw is. If it's only drawing a maximum of 1.5A a 3A power supply will still only supply the needed current. If it is close to the 2.5A figure then there may be a benefit in using a higher current PSU; regulation & ripple can get a bit iffy the closer you get to the maximum figure. This of course will depend on design & build quality.
    What you want is a quality PSU with good regulation and low ripple. And wires that can supply the required current without significant voltage drop.
    Of course a PSU rated at 3A should deal with heat better when 2A is being drawn than a 2.5A PSU. But then again this will still fall back to design & build quality.

  • Also late to the show,
    I have a WD Pi Drive that was optimized for low power of Raspberry Pis. Sweet little 314gb spinning platter drive that has never failed me on a Pi. I think I'll try it on this thing and see what happens.

  • i have question about that
    i found ac 5V 5A but the What is it some thing need look? this ac have 25w its is good?
    tx for replay
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    If you don't understand this find someone in your area that is competent in these matters. A local education institution maybe willing to help.

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  • Robert i think you got over reaction.
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  • Stop acting like a child.
    The information I have presented is factual.
    I have even suggested, for your benefit, if you do not fully understand to seek help, I have also suggested if you having too much trouble to seek help from a technical school or university.
    I am not going to sugar coat my answers so you don’t get offended.
    Start acting like an adult and not a spoilt child.

    The atomic Pi requires a power supply that supplies 5 volts direct current (DC) at 2.5 amps minimum.
    Do not connect any AC voltage to any of the pins. This will destroy your board.
    Once again, if you feel you lack the skill to do this, have someone who knows how to do this power up your board.
    If you have access to a local library read some books about basic electricity and electronics.
    The use of capitals was to emphasise what I was saying. I did not want you to ignore what I posted.
    Only supply 5 volts DC to the 5 volt power pins and 12 volts DC to the 12 volt power pin.
    AC will break your board.
    Make sure the power coming out of your power supply is DC and is the correct voltage.
    If this is not clear please get a professional to make these connections.

  • Hi Robert

    I can almost feel your frustration!

    I suspect there is a language issue here, as I believe Magic Boy is using the term 'ac' to refer to a power supply, rather than an alternating current supply?

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