AC connection

Jun 15, 2019 - 2:08 PM

  • hi evryone
    i wana know if i can use 12v 3.8a for all powered the board and wherre i need conneced the wired.
    Plus i have see in the board on POWER empti place. can i use this for fix my wired or is for power on off?
    and last question
    if i need use 5V can i use 2A or i need more and did i realy need split it for 2 wired in the bord lick the star user looking?

    tx again for help

    have good daty

  • I have the developer kit that came with 2 Atomic pies and I have the baby break and the full size breakout 12 Volt only powers the audio section of the motherboard and will not power the motherboard itself so there will be no operation of the CPU or any other function I contacted digital loggers and they said that that is the only way that it works is by running the 12 volts for the audio section. 5 volts in with both breakout boards is the only way to boot to an OS.

    For best results use 3 or more wires per 5v connection and 3 or more wires per GND connection if you do not have either the large or baby breakout board.
    You need a minimum of PSU 2.5A as per instructions, it needs good regulation and low ripple to get best results; ie a GOOD quality regulated power supply, that supplies the correct voltage and is rated at the correct current.
    A current rating greater than 2.5A is ok.
    A current rating LESS than 2.5A is NOT ok.
    Buck converters are not recommended.
    The 12v & 5v supplies need a common ground; ie ground connected together at some point.
    If any of this is confusing or not clear please find someone that is experienced in these matters.

    Simply put:
    Supplying ONLY 5v means the board will boot, but reduced output will be available at the speaker connectors when speakers are connected.
    Supplying 12v AND 5v means the board will boot and full output will be available at the speaker connectors when speakers are connected.
    Supplying ONLY 12v means nothing will happen. No boot. No Sound.

    Be aware that sound output is also dependant of the correct drivers and software configuration.

    The empty space on the board that is marked power is for a button, you need to look at the schematics to see how this connected. DO NOT apply 5v or 12v or any power at this point.


    You may also want to visit this page as well.

    Edit to correct statement regarding sound with 5v only.

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  • like i say it befor you not need respond like this.
    if i asking in forum that meby i not understand completrly the instcruction and i asking who can help for no stress
    over that i see you respond me so i can only say tanx very mush and hop you will tack it easy and if it is too mush hard for you to respond of my question i can understand and i will just not asking other question.
    anyware tx for you help and have good night
    live long and prosper

  • If you care about answar i asking you again on more question becose i not shure about.
    i wana use AC from pc and i have one line 5V at 20A no 2.0 that is 20A did you think it is work or is too mush Amper 20?
    tanx for you time and have good day

  • No AC DC only

  • I think that when you say AC, you actually mean a power feed/supply, not necessarily an Alternating Current supply.

    If you mean a PC power supply that provides 5V 20A DC, then this will be OK to use for powering your API. Whilst the supply will 'push' 5V, the API will only take as much current as it needs. For absolute peace of mind, I'd put a 5A fuse inline with your supply.

  • yes DC Robert ty for corecting me ^ i not expert but you are and you help me alot ^
    and Tx Yatsushiro too you reed on my maind ^ i will try put fus 5a ^
    tanx again for help

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  • Yatsushiro did you mind i need put 5A fiuse befor the API conected on the reed cable?
    tanx again for your help too ^
    have good day

  • Magical Boy

    Yes, if using a power supply with more than 5 or 6A, put the fuse on the +ve wire between your power supply and the API.

    Good Luck!

  • wonderful id i will aplly it imediatly
    tx alot you have alot help me ^
    have good day

  • juste too update
    i using 5 fuse frome my car ^ and it working perfectly tanx again Yatsushiro.
    now i can start my Nas and Automation server.
    tanx again ^