No HDMI audio with new LUBUNTU install?

Jun 16, 2019 - 11:05 AM

  • The HDMI source doesn't exist with a new install of lubuntu. I can't find the answer searching here and being such a new board there's nothing anywhere else. I could use a little input please.

  • Hello,
    Using the Ubuntu Cosmic LXQT Stand Alone Image (USB or SD, I have problem with Emmc), the HDMI output works fine.

    To enable it, I had to disable the others sound device in the audio setup utility.

  • The only output device I have is the USB device, hdmi doesn't exist.

  • I just installed that version and updated it and the audio does indeed work but now when making desktop icons if I click to launch it asks if I want to run it... crazy stuff here. At first it wouldn't allow anything to be added or removed from the desktop so I changed permissions and not that's fine.