HDMI works good on Ubuntu 18.10. Can I insert the Ubuntu 18.10 Audio module into Mint 19?

Jul 14, 2019 - 11:27 AM

  • I have installed Ubuntu 18.10 five times and it has worked perfectly without fiddling. HDMI audio is perfect as is wireless, There is a default setting for analog output audio in Ubuntu, I think it is under sound/output in settings. Once it is changed to digital HDMI the audio works.
    Haven't played with Bluetooth but indications are normal. I pulled the Internet connection to keep out updates and drivers whose effects I do not know from online installation. Have not tried Ubuntu 18.10 updates, stayed with the ISO.

    Obviously Ubuntu has the HDMI drivers needed for the Pi. I am a noobie and like Mint 19 MATE.

    Would it be possible to pull an audio driver/module from Ubuntu 18.10 and install it in Mint 19 MATE since they are closely related?

    What would that involve? I need expert advice since I am out of my comfort zone.

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  • Quick follow up on my post. The Ubuntu 18.10 default setting for HDMI audio is under settings/sound/output. The output volume needs to be set relatively high.

    It is not persistent, on a cold start it reverts back to something else and needs to be reset.