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Jun 24, 2019 - 2:37 PM

  • hi evryone.
    i looking someware the atomic pi have news bios MF-001 R1.2 (MFC1AM12) and i have the 1.1
    did it can be downloaded and installed?
    tanx too answare
    have good day
    ps : source is :

  • As of the moment no information is available on how to flash the bios, there is a small header next to the BIOS chip but no official docs are available with a pin out.
    It would look like extra hardware would be need to flash the BIOS.
    What would one hope to gain by upgrading ?
    Is there any information detailing the difference between the 2 ?

  • hi Robert.
    not realy searshin issue juste i see new bios aviable and i ask if it is possible too install.
    in computer i alwas update bios so i have thinking is it same and meby it will fixed some bug i not got for now ^
    tanx for your respond have good day

  • Bios updates may fix things like PXE boot.

  • Unless there is clear documentation listing the updates & fixes, it may also break things. Blindly updating is at best naive and at worst bloody reckless.

    But I guess it's the current culture, the newest is always the best. The mobile phone industry thrives on this, and in fact has made it social status.

  • That bios isn't available from Digital Loggers. They don't seem to have it. Also there doesn't really seem to be a way to flash the bios anyway, from what I gather talking with Tech Support.

  • Tx Bruce Hoenig
    like i say it juste for know about this ubdate but tx again for respond.
    i juste have question about bios so.
    what is use the pins CN5 Flash Bios ?
    tx for your help
    have good day

  • Not official, but maybe close, but as mentioned before in a previous post nothing official doc wise on cn5.

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