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Call Recording Server

Call Recording Server

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All-In One Appliance

Our new recording server runs Windows 11 and records to solid-state drives.  

Simple to Install

Record from phones, radios, microphones or dispatch consoles.  Just snap a cable to your network, attach the lines, and you're recording. A keyboard and LCD are included. We'll guide you through the setup online. You can be up and running tomorrow. 



The system is powerful enough for government applications like PSAPs and fire departments, yet affordable enough for commercial applications as well.  Standard analog inputs make it a plug-and-play replacement for existing 9-1-1 recorders. It's upgradeable to support T1 and VoIP.



Reliable and Affordable  $3995.

Solid state storage eliminates moving parts, improving reliability.  Pricing is fair. There are no per-seat license fees, no required maintenance contracts, and no gimmicks. You own it and It just works... One less thing to worry about.

Free Trial with a Government / LE Purchase Order

Download the specs.  Send out for competitive bids.  Better yet, call (408) 330-5599 for a risk free 15 day trial. 


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