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Personal Logger USB

Personal Logger USB

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USB Digital Call Recorder $59

Record from phone lines, voice mail systems, handsets, radios and microphones. Connect to an outside line to record every extension. 

Digital Performance

Audio recordings are perfect. Multiple copies of recordings can be made without degradation. Record to a hard drive or network server for reliable storage. 

Automatic Operation

Voice activation keeps all your calls organized in time-stamped directories. 

Trace Incoming Calls

Like to know who's calling?  Display the name and address of the caller with Caller-ID and call tracing.  Sort instantly by caller-ID or number dialed. 

Instant Replay of Live Calls

Did you miss something important?  Maybe an address or order information?  Replay calls instantly, even while recording. Find calls quickly.   Digital files can be copied, emailed, encrypted, and backed up on any computer. 

Captures Screen Shots

Capture Windows screens with order information, emails, etc.  Save, organize, and email them with your call recordings. 

Outlook Integration

Caller-IDs pop Outlook contact information and notes automatically! 

Sort, Analyze, and Trace Calls

Search for calls quickly. Sort and print call lists. Order P/N PRO.

Need more horsepower?  Record up to 16 lines with our popular call center recorder, or record an entire PRI / T1 line with this logger.

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