RS-232 Serial Switch

RS-232 Serial Switch

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Serial I/O Switch

Control up to 20 serial devices from a single port.  Eliminate complex cabling and expensive PCI cards. 

Simple Operation

Use the command line menu or a script file select the target device. Communicate with any  RS-232 target at any baud rate! Clean menus and programmable port names make it easy to use. It's ideal for connecting to console ports. 

Broadcast Mode

Need to initialize several devices quickly?  Use the broadcast mode to send data to up to 20 ports at once. 

Incredible Pricing - $149!

At $8 a port, serial cards just can't compete.  Order through online via Amazon or call for quantity discounts, international orders, and custom designs. Preview the install sheet, give us a call at (408) 330-5599, or order P/N SS20 online for a 15-day risk-free trial.  (408) 330-5599