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New! Rack PDU with WiFi

New! Rack PDU with WiFi

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This smart PDU is ideal for data-centers that require secure remote power switching. It's energy efficient from 80-240VAC.

Power, Reboot, and Control

Save time. Save power. Switch power over the web, or under program control. Customize the switch via the RestAPi or internal Lua scripting. 

Autoping Reboot

Automatically reboot any unresponsive IP device like a server or router.  Eliminate service calls.  Use the built-in scripting language to schedule reboots.


New Hardware

New hardware includes high current surge suppression, stronger power relays with silver alloy contacts, WiFi and a faster 32-bit CPU. 

Stable, Refined Firmware

New firmware features include:

Lua Scripting,

A simple but extensive RESTful API,


Wake on LAN

Modbus / TCP,

Internal email notification,

Enhanced AutoPing,

Alexa and IFTT integration.

Order Online Direct

Try yours risk-free for 15 days. Order online now or call (408) 330-5599 for quantity discounts, fast shipping, and international orders.  P/N PRO. IEC power cables are sold separately.  Most plug styles are in stock.

Like to learn more?

Download a spec sheet, read the FAQs, preview  the  manual or Try one live! (user=admin & pass=4321).



Need Something Else?

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