New! Pro Switch

New! Pro Switch

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Reliable Reboot and Power Control

• Easy to use. Easy to set up. Clean web interface.
• Secured WiFi and wired Ethernet.
• Multi-target AutoPing reboots routers & modems.
• HTTPS, SNMP, Rest API, SSH, SSL, Echo/Alexa, MODBUS & more.
• Lua scripting language for customizing.
• Powerful 32bit CPU with watchdog adds reliability.
• Oversized 40A relays and power supply. 4x beefier than competitors.
• Detachable 15Amp 6 foot cord or order a custom length.

 Fresh off the production line is the new PRO switch.  It adds new features from data center power switches, but keeps within a compact size.

Use the simple, clean web interface right out of the box  ...or customize it using the built-in scripting language. The Pro is completely stand-alone. No cloud service or subscription needed.

Great Value - $179 in singles, deep quantity discounts

Try yours risk-free for 15 days. Call (408) 330-5599 for quantity discounts, expedited shipping, and international orders.  P/N PRO.

Like to learn more?

Download a spec sheet, read the FAQs, preview  the online manual or Try one live! admin 4321

 Need something else? DLI also builds the original rack mount web power switch, PoE Injectors, Rack-Mount PDUs, DC Power Switches,208-240V switches and DIN relays.  And, yes.. Rest assured, we are an American company with US quality control. You won't be needing it, but the Pro is backed by a full 5 year warranty.